Something about Reduce Study Load?

According to the Immigration Department, overseas students on student visas must obtain a certain number of credits in each semester of the year. However, in certain circumstances, students could apply to their university to reduce their academic burden through the formal process. After approval by the university, students can drop a course to achieve the purpose of Reduce Study Load.


In the following situations could students apply for it:

1. Injured or seriously ill;

2. Death of a close relative;

3. The college does not offer compulsory courses required by the major;

4. Due to many failed subjects in the early stage, the college recommends that students should reduce their study burden, which may ensure their pass on all courses.


So, what is the Reduce Study Load application process?


First of all, it is important to note 3 time points:

The first time point is called the census date, which is the most common one. If the course is dropped before the Census date, it will not be considered as a failure, and there will be no financial penalty. The second time point is the DC (discontinue not to count as failure) deadline. If a student drops the course between the Census date and the DC deadline, it will not be considered as a failure, but a fee for the course will be paid. The third point is DF (discontinued fail) deadline. If students apply to reduce their study burden between the DC deadline and the DF deadline, they will not only be considered as a failure, but also need to be paid for the course fee.


So, if they want to apply for Reduce Study Load, it is better to apply before the Census date. Please contact GPA Expert for more details.


Secondly, students should prepare the application materials in advance. Since each university has a different requirement, students can query the application form for Reduce Study Load published on the official website of the universities.


Thirdly, they have to provide a personal statement, in which they should explain their current personal situation and experience in detail, and explain to the university why they have to apply to reduce their study load. ( Reasons must be much compelling)


Finally, students need to provide some objective evidence or documents to prove their personal statements for university approval.


The approval period of the university generally lasts 5-10 workdays. Once approved by the university, the course can be dropped. However, before the approval the following items should be noted:

1. Students should not be absent if the university requires them to continue their current studies;

2. If the certificate or document provided is not issued in English, they are required to submit it to the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia for translation into English and then submit the original document and the translation copy together.

3. Pay close attention to the process during the approval period. In case of failure in the audit, they have to find out the reasons in time and submit the audit again to avoid economic losses caused by missing the time point.

4. After the approval of the university, students have to change their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), which may lead to contacting the university or the visa office to deal with the new visa.


Want to know more details? Contact GPA Expert customer service center. Hope students who have to reduce their study load can pass the application successfully!