42046 Data Processing Using R – writing, programming, case analysis, solution

Subject 42046 Data Processing Using R introduces a very popular high-level programming language for Data analysis, statistics, and interactive visualization.

It is an interpreted, object-oriented, and interactive scripting language. R's advanced built-in data structures make it suitable for rapid application development. The functional programming nature of R makes it a very expressive language. It is widely used in statistics, scientific and numerical calculations, education, software development and interactive visualization applications.

Subject 42046 covers the basics of working with R, including programming constructs, packages, and object-oriented programming. The R analysis program commonly used in data analysis is introduced.

There are two assessments for this subject:

Assignment 1 requires students to maintain and complete an interactive learning log while working on six questions set in the interactive session. This task accounts for 60% of the total, and the full score of each question is 10 points. Due days are on August 19, August 26, September 2, October 7, October 14, and October 21.

Assignment 2, which accounts for 40%, asks students to select a problem from a list of business analysis tasks provided. According to this problem and the theoretical knowledge, design and implement an innovative solution. The solution should define appropriate questions and metrics, and integrate the data acquisition pipeline to answer the provided questions through interactive visualization and appropriate analysis. Finally, students are required to write a short interactive report on Canvas, provide the final solution, and reflect on and discuss the feasibility of other solutions. For more details, please click GPA Expert, which will provide professional guidance.

As an IT major course of UTS, Subject 42046 is highly popular. The evaluation task of the Subject focuses on evaluating students' practical application ability of R language. Therefore, if students have a weak theoretical foundation or cannot operate the R language, it is recommended to contact GPA Expert customer service, and students can choose a lecturer of their own major to teach 42046.

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