MAA103 Accounting For Decision Making - writing assessment case

Assignment 1, a brief description of a personal assignment that involves recording business transactions through a general journal and Posting entries to the general ledger.  Please refer to the unit's website GPA-Expert for more details.  This task assesses units 1-5, graduate study of expertise and competence, digital literacy outcomes, and critical thinking.  The purpose of this assignment is for you to record business transactions in a general journal and then to enter the relevant entries into a specific ledger account.  In this evaluation, you get a set of randomly generated transactions based on certain scenarios.  Your task is to analyze and record each transaction (including opening balance) into the general ledger.  Then, you also need to post the journal entry to the relevant section of the general ledger.  You do not need to fill out the trial balance as it is automatically calculated and carried forward from your general ledger (the trial balance is just to help you check the balance).  For this assignment, all tasks and information will be sent to you via deacon student email.  To log in, visit and use your Deakin username and password.  In the email, you'll find two files, a PDF document outlining your own unique transaction/issue ("MAA103 A1 (STUDENT_ID).pdf "), and a journal Excel template ("MAA103 A1 [STUDENT_ID).xlsx ").  Once you start working on a file, you can always save and return; there's no need to do it all at once. 


Assignment 2, knowledge points involved, balance date adjustments and financial statements, brief description of assessment tasks, adjusting entries to meet balance date adjustments.  Summary of general ledger on trial balance, presentation of financial statements.  For more information please refer to GPA-Expert for more details.  In this assignment, you get an "unadjusted trial balance" and information about some unadjusted balance dates for a business.  First, you need to make these adjusting entries in the "journal" and then post them to the relevant "ledger" accounts.  Once done, you will need to manually transfer the balance from ledger to adjusted trial Balance to further complete the Income Statement and Classified Balance Sheet.  Important: Only "Journal", "Adjusted Trial Balance", "Income Statement" and "Classified Balance Sheet" are marked.  However, students are encouraged to use the "ledger" to prepare the adjusted ending balance, which will be further transferred to the adjusted trial balance.  For this assignment, all tasks and information will be sent to you via deacon student email. 


Assignment 3,(Group/individual assignment, we recommend teamwork (maximum of 3 students);  But the task can be done alone.  You need to find your own team members and/or decide if you want to work independently.  1. You will need to register your group with your own group number in Van Diken.  2. If you are working alone, you still have to register to a group number so that you can submit your work.  The group will only include you as the sole student.  , a brief description of the assessment task budget case study.  The task will be completed in groups of 3 students.  Students must register with a group number through Cloud Deakin to start the task.  Excel Spreadsheet plus 800 words, this task assesses graduate study expertise and abilities, digital literacy results, and critical thinking. 


Assignment 4, which is the highest, is 60%, and the final assessment is two hours, so to speak, which determines whether or not the class is going to pass.  Try taking a look at the sample questions and the real ones from previous years to get a sense of the difficulty of the exam. Please refer to the website GPA Expert for more details. 





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