GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design – writing, essay, group presentation, case

GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design is one of the main courses of business at the University of Newcastle.

Through this course, students can examine managing and designing organizations from different perspectives, and understand the determinants of interpersonal and team interactions in organizational settings. The focus of the course is to focus on the major theoretical, conceptual and empirical contributions related to designing organizations, understanding and managing human behavior within them.

There are three assignments in this course:

Assignment 1 Major Essay:

Weighting 30%;

The word count requirement is 2000 words;

Due day is week6;

The purpose of essay writing is to assess students' ability to master theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice. For more information, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service.

Assignment 2 Case Study Analysis Group Presentation:

Weighting 20%;

The inspection method is teamwork, requiring each group to complete a 15-minute speech and present it in class. The purpose of this assessment is to assess students' ability to analyze and solve problems and work in teams. Students can select group members based on self-introductions on the forum. It should be noted that selecting the right team members will help the task to be completed better.

Assignment 3 Final examination:

Weighting 50%;

The test time is 2 hours, and the content of the test does not change much every year. We have collected the real questions and answers of the previous years for reference.

By completing this course, students can master relevant behavioral theories, concepts and models, improve teamwork ability, and improve their own management level and ability.

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