25575 Investment Banking – writing, sample, ppt presentation, online quiz

25575 Investment Banking is one of the major courses in Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject presents, in an accessible way, an introduction to the literature on recent developments in the services and transactions that investment banks can offer. It provides an important discussion of the four main areas of investment banking. (Mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, financial engineering, and international investment) The subject draws on the experience and expertise of senior practitioners in the industry.

There are two Assignment Tasks for the subject:

Assignment Task 1 is an online quiz, accounting for 30%. It requires students to log in to their Canvas personal account within a set period of time to begin the online test, and the grade of the test will be determined by the average of the top 5 grades. Each online test consists of 5-10 multiple choice questions and lasts for at most 20 minutes, with only one chance to submit. What should be paid attention to is that there are no tests or test scores in the following weeks: Week1, Week6, Week7, Week10, and Week12. For more notes, please contact  GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment Task 2 is an Individual Assignment. Students play the role of a junior investment banker and exercise in three different sections covering different aspects of a typical investment banking transaction workflow. Section A (20%) and Section B (20 points) are the application of valuation techniques (CCA and DCF). Students can simply submit an Excel file on the due day of September 8 and October 6 respectively. Section C (30 points) is an assignment of the merger and acquisition transaction, in which students submit a short PowerPoint presentation (using Pitchbook) explaining the transaction to potential clients. The due day is on November 3. It is important to note that presentations are usually between 20 and 30 slides long. Any trouble in making the PowerPoint? Contact GPA Expert for professional guidance!

Through the study of this topic and the completion of the relevant thematic assessment tasks, students will have the ability to own a clear and original view of the four major areas of investment banking, namely mergers and acquisitions, securities issuance, financial engineering, and international investment. For more information on Assignment Tasks or Investment Banking, please contact GPA Expert immediately!





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