BUSM4417 Project Financial Management and Appraisal – writing, project study, case, assignment

BUSM4417 will deepen students' understanding of project costing and enhance students' ability to work on project case studies. Theoretical knowledge mainly introduces alternative financing options for project performance and project management skills so that students can analyze and evaluate the economic situation of projects and companies.

Assignment 1 is the individual Project Finance Case Study; Assignment 2 is the Case Study; Assignment 3 is an individual Assignment.

Assignment 1 Project Finance Case Study:

Assignment 1, which accounts for 30% of the total assessment, requires students to identify and rigorously analyze the economic parameters of the project assessment, develop project cash flows, and use spreadsheets to determine the project and internal rate of return on equity. In addition, it is necessary to determine the feasibility of the project and provide appropriate recommendations and justifications. The Due date is on Week6 Sunday. The above is about Assignment 1. For more details, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 Case Study:

Assignment 2 requires students to identify and assess the key risks involved in project financing and to describe and explain the techniques that best mitigate the identified risks. For the writing structure, techniques, argument structure and evaluation criteria of the report, please refer to the provisions mentioned in Week 1 Canvas. Assignment 2 is weighting 40%, so students shouldn't ignore it. The Due date is on Sunday of Week 9.

Assignment individual assignment:

Assignment 3 is a personal review and reflection note. Its purpose is to identify and apply knowledge of complex project management theories, principles, and best practices to relevant projects in order to advance the project management profession and discipline. This task requires students to critically analyze, synthesize, and reflect on recent developments in project management theory. Assignment 3 accounts for 30%, and the Due date of it is on Week 12 Sunday. Anything in trouble can consult GPA Expert for help, you can also contact customer service to find a professional instructor to explain BUSM4417.

After our careful guidance, the average score of the students in BUSM4417 is 85, and the key points of the case study can be learned in GPA Expert. There are also notes for attention and explanations for personal writing and reflection. We suggest students without basic knowledge consult customer service in detail.





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