ECON1195 Financial Econometric – writing, analysis, case, report

ECON1195 Financial econometrics is a postgraduate course at RMIT. As it assesses questions in analyzing financial data by using econometric methods, students are required to study basic subjects first. (Such as Quantitative Methods in Finance; Quantitative Financial Methods and Modelling)

There are 3 assessments for ECON1195:

Assessment 1 is the Individual Assignment. It requires students to answer econometric questions, answer CAPM and various ARMA-type model-related questions, and use R-based financial returns to present results and findings. The assignment is weighing 25% and the due day is in the weekend of Week 6. For more details, please consult GPA Expert. We can provide some classic samples from previous years, as well as relevant information on CAPM and ARMA.

Assessment 2 is also an Individual Assignment. However, this assignment requires students to perform volatility/risk analysis using R R-based financial returns, answer questions related to various (G) ARCH models, and present results and findings. Assessment 2 is weighting 25%, and the due day is at the weekend of Week 10.

Assessment 3 is the Final Report. It requires students to independently complete tasks including modeling returns, modeling volatility, forecasting and value-at-risk estimation, modeling multivariate time series, etc. in the end, students should use R to analyze the results. Assessment 3 is weighting 50%, and the due day is at the weekend of Week 14. The report should be at least 1500 words. If there is any difficulty in the report or the operation, please contact GPA Expert, we will provide quality professional service!

The core mission of ECON1195 requires students to be proficient in applying econometric models, analyzing and forecasting financial returns and volatility, and measuring potential financial losses in a portfolio. If you have trouble in your learning or need to find a professional instructor to explain the course, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service center.





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