BAFI1018 International Finance – writing, sample, report, summary

BAFI1018 International Finance is a finance course offered by RMIT specifically for undergraduates. By studying this course, students can develop the ability to use an international perspective to solve financial decision-making problems, and can also rationally analyze the global financial environment in which companies operate.

BAFI1018 consists of 3 assignments, Assignment 1 is Market View and Trading Sessions; Assignment 2 is Class Discussion and Summary; Assignment 3 is Final Assessment.

Assignment 1 Market View and Trading Sessions:

Weighting 30%;

Word limit - 3000 words (in total);

Assignment 1 is an individual assessment. It requires students to write market views and transaction summaries based on what they have learned in class. Students need to participate in simulated trading as required and submit the Market view report (600 words/article) and Trading summary within 48 hours after the trading sessions end. This activity is set in the 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks. Be sure not to forget to submit within 48 hours of closing. The above is the general content of Assignment 1, please refer to GPA Expert for the specific content.

Assignment 2 Class Discussion and Summary:

Weighting 30%;

Word limit - 800 words/article;

Assignment 2 is a group assessment. It asks students to group freely, and each group will discuss in class the relevant topic of the week. After the discussion, a summary of the discussion is to be submitted within three days. This task is in week2-week3, week7-12. So, don't miss the time for submission!

Assignment 3 Final Assessment:

Weighting 40%;

Submit style - individual report;

Word limit - 1500 words;

It requires students to submit an original report by a deadline based on the findings of their research. All supporting analyses and materials are included in the report. The due date is on November 2. If you have any questions about this course, contact GPA Expert customer service, or choose a professional tutor to explain BAFI1018.

After our careful guidance, the average score of BAFI1018 is 85 points. Market analysis and summary can be learned at GPA Expert. Points to note and explanations can also be found in the class discussion summary and individual report. It is recommended for students who have no basic knowledge to consult in detail.





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