MIS171 Business Analytics - writing assessment report

Hello, everyone. I am GAP assistant. This course is MIS171 Business Analytics.  As one of Deakin's eight basic core courses, MIS171 is above average in difficulty among the eight basic courses.  This course consists of three assessments, with a focus on data analysis.  

This course provides students with analytical knowledge and skills to explore data in order to discover patterns and relationships in data;  Assess the uncertainties and risks of business decisions;  Evaluation decision;  Predict and forecast trends.  

MIS171 Business Analytic mainly has the following learning objectives  

1. Explain how information generated from data becomes a business strategy  

2. Describe business analytics  

3. Explain and illustrate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.  

Explain basic statistical concepts.  

Discuss the concept of "big data".  

Explain the process of data mining and machine learning.  


MIS171 Introduction to Business Analytics Assessment  

The focus of the Assessment1 is mainly on week 4 and the materials provided in week 4. The content to be completed is divided into two parts: visual data set interactive dashboard.  

The data are based on actual data provided by RAVC Solar, which has provided a detailed scenario for the installation and promotion of Solar power in the RAVC Head community in 2021, in collaboration with Geelong Sustainability,  Solar power generation and battery systems for homes in Geelong, Surf Coast and Otway areas.  The data set in the Excel file contains key data from 250 customers who participated in the promotion.  This data forms an important part of the assignment.  

The main content of this assignment is to analyze the data provided in the Excel table, with the goal of identifying key data and relationships that can then be included in the dashboard.  Interactive dashboards are required to contain a minimum of four and a maximum of six interactive components.  

Assessment2 is a large 40-point task that requires submitting an Excel file with an analysis and a Word document with a written report.  Write 1000 words in the Report, mainly based on data analysis, using the template given by the teacher to complete.  The job is based on the scenario given in Assignment 1.  

Assessment3 was also a large assignment with a score of 40, and submitted the same content as Assignment 2. 

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