BFC5916 International Banking – writing, sample, exam, report

BFC5916 International Banking is a postgraduate program in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University. The main task of this course is to analyze the characteristics of international banking and ask students to think about the rationality of domestic banks expanding overseas. Its main topics are the latest international Banking regulatory issues, the geographical focus of the Banking sector in Europe, Asia, and less developed economies; the European Monetary system; the European market; the Trade Finance and Trade Facilitation Agency; Country risk analysis, and so on.

The Assessment of BFC5916 is divided into three parts:

Assessment 1 is the Mid-term exam. It is weighting 20%. The due date is on week 6, and the test lasts for one hour. If fail to finish, students will get a zero score. This test is in the form of an examination, to test the mastery of knowledge. For more information, consult GPA Expert.

Assessment 2 is the Individual assignment. It is weighting 20%. The Due date is on week 9. Individual Assignments require students to generate a report based on a question, which is available from Moodle and is only allowed to be submitted at Moodle in electronic form. Contact GPA Expert for more details.

The combination of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 is called within-semester assessment, which accounts for 40% of the total and is the key to getting a high mark.

Assessment 3 is the Final Examination, which accounts for 60% and is carried out in the final examination week. Because of the hurdle requirement, students who get less than 45 points in the Final Examination will be considered to have failed. At the same time, Assessment 3 is an essay writing exam, and it takes two hours. Students can read the recommended bibliography before taking the exam, as well as reference material from previous years.

Finally, as a Financial major at Monash University, it is difficult to pass the final Assessment 3 if the foundation is not solid. Thus, consulting the recommended reading bibliography in advance will help you pass the assessment. Consult GPA Expert to solve your problem.





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