MMH356 Change Management - writing assessment case

MMH356 Change Management provides an advanced understanding of various Change Management models within a sustainable development framework.  The course takes a critical approach to drive organizational change and the process of managing change while ensuring business sustainability.  

MMH356 Change Management has the following learning objectives  

1. Explain and apply all elements of the change process to address contemporary human resources and management issues related to organizational change.  

2. Use digital technologies to locate, capture, and evaluate information relevant to changing organizations.  

3. Critically describe, analyze and evaluate the behaviors, processes, and outcomes associated with actual change by referring to organizational change theories and concepts.  

4. Selectively apply evidence-based theories and concepts to change opportunities and examples in real organizational Settings to improve the likelihood of more effective human resources and/or more effective management outcomes.   

MMH356 Change Management Introduction  

Assessment1 consists of two (2) independent video reports (first at the end of the third week, the second at the end of the ninth-week pay), the change of the content is about your organization, or with your friends/family (hereinafter referred to as your partner) interviews, talk about he/she is going through or recent experience in their work of organizational change.  If you or your partner are not currently experiencing any changes at the company, you may choose to discuss a major change you might wish to make at the company.  Each video is no more than 4 minutes, and I need to leave the country. If I have a partner or partner, I can appear in the video together.  The recorded video needs to be uploaded through Deakin Air, and then submit a link to the video.  

Assessment2 was a 40-point team task of three people with a 3,000-word report.  Based on the case study given to DanMurphys (DM), noting past events surrounding and contributing to the current situation of DM, the team was appointed by DM as the change management team to complete the three tasks given to them.  

'Hurdle', 'hurdle', 'hurdle' the exam lasts 24 hours.  We have plenty of time, so we must pay attention to details.  Besides the hurdle, high marks in previous homework are of no use.  






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