EMP603 Education Major Project A – thesis writing, literature review, project plan, sample

EMP603 Education Major Project A introduces and explores the development and design of research projects that encourage students to think critically and systematically about their professional backgrounds. The program enables students to draw on previous coursework and apply theory, concepts, and practice to develop their educational practicability and professional background. The course will be evaluated through three assignments.


Assignment 1:

Individual thesis writing;

Word limit 1250 words;

Accounted for 20%;

The due day is in week 4;

Assignment 1 requires students to think critically about their professional and educational practices, roles and backgrounds, and to establish a platform for developing personal research projects to conduct educational practices. Establish a goal for your own project, asking a general question and supporting questions to guide the investigation. This assignment mainly assesses the understanding of the skills covered in modules one and two. For more details, please contact GPA Expert customer service.


The Assignment 2:

Literature review;

Word limit 1750 words;

Accounted for 30%;

The due day is in week 7;

Assignment 2 requires students to write a 1750-word critical literature review to inform the design and direction of the survey project.


The Assignment 3:

Project Plan;

Word limit 3000 words;

Accounted for 50%;

The due day is on week 11;

Assignment 3 requires students to integrate the knowledge gained in the course, a critical understanding of the professional background, and relevant literature into a coherent plan and investigation of academic practice. The project plan should be written using the given template. For more details, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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