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International students are likely to need to complete an Essay regardless of their choice of major, and many prospective students heading across the pond from home don't quite understand what an Essay is. How to write a good Essay? Let's take a look at what an Essay is and what the common Essay content framework is. Read on if you're interested!

What is an Essay?

We may have written Essays unconsciously during high school, but we usually don't have a systematic understanding of it. During the overseas study, topic writing, paper, and academic assignments are collectively referred to as Essays, which are written essays that focus on a specific point of view or idea, either as an expression of your own emotions or as a logical argument. Overall, it can be either an expository essay or an argumentative essay. Therefore, this type of writing has a wide range of applications and covers many areas. But don't worry, GPA Expert is equipped to meet your needs with a team of professional Masters and PhDs who are highly professional, experienced and more than capable of completing assignments and essays on any subject to perfection! GPA Expert has helped many international students with their essays and has received 100% positive feedback!

What is the basic framework of an Essay?

A good essay often needs a good introduction, and a good introduction often contains, one or two sentences of background that sets the tone of the essay and attracts the reader's interest; a highly accurate summary of the central idea of the essay that introduces the topic of the essay and allows the reader to understand the idea of the essay at first glance; a synopsis that gives the reader an idea of what the article is about.

Secondly-the body of the article. The body of the essay is the main part of the essay, the core of an essay. In the main body, it is usually composed of an argument points + argument evidence + argument analysis, but it is also important to note that the information cited in the article should be an accurate initial source, well labelled and listed at the end of the article in a professionally written manner. It is important to note that the body of the essay varies according to the type of essay. An appropriate article type will help you write your article better, so look out for our next update for more information on specific article types and writing tips.

Finally - the conclusion, which should express the central idea of the essay more completely than the introduction and summarize the arguments mentioned in the essay more briefly than the main body. However, please do not simply repeat what has been said in the article. As authors, we need to summarize all the arguments in a short, clear statement to reach the final conclusion of the essay, which will usually be in line with the title and can talk about the importance of future research in relation to ourselves and society. In addition, students need to be aware of the formatting requirements of different teachers, including line spacing, word count requirements, font size, whether bold is required, numbering requirements, first line indent, cover and chapter heading requirements, etc. If this is not mentioned in the assignment, you can query your teacher to reduce the likelihood of your essay being rewritten and the time wasted on revisions.

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