MGT501 Business Environment – writing, reflection, case analysis, video presentation

MGT501 Business Environment is a foundation course in business at Torrens Uni. It introduces students to the basics of business, such as basic business concepts and business background. By studying this subject, students will improve their professionalism and develop the habit of self-reflection. Students will study the functioning of enterprises, projects, and the internal and external environments in which they operate. This may include an analysis of the economic, social, political, legal, cultural, technological, and ethical impacts on contemporary business. Students will also explore the perspectives and influences of internal and external stakeholders.

Assignment 1:

Initial Reflection (Individual);

Accounted for 20%;

Word limit is 1000 words;

The due day is in week 4;

Assignment 1 asks students to reflect on the reasons that motivate students to study this course at Torrens Uni based on a verifiable reflection model. Students also need to show evidence of how taking the course will improve their ability or professionalism. It should be noted that students must use the given reflection model to complete the Initial Reflection, and can only choose one. Select APA 7th for the reference format. Want to know more? Please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2:

Internal and External Stakeholder Analysis

Style: Case study report

Accounted for 50%;

Word limit is 2500 words;

The due day is in week 10;

Assignment 2 is an internal and external stakeholder analysis. Internal stakeholders are individuals or groups directly involved in the business/project, including owners, board members, managers, employees, and investors. External stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, competitors, society, and government are the stakeholders indirectly affected by business or project activities. Students need to use stakeholder matrix and mapping techniques to determine the degree of stakeholder influence and interest. It is important to note that the topic of the report should be consistent with the appendix, with no less than 15 references, and the references should be in APA 7th format.

Assignment 3:

Final Reflection;

Accounted for 30%;

5-min video presentation;

The due day is in week 11;

Assignment 3 is a 5-minute video presentation where students give a final reflection on the lesson and review the initial reflection in Assignment 1. In the video presentation: on the one hand, students will introduce their own learning experiences in the course to reflect on the changing understanding of the business/project environment; On the other hand, students are expected to state problems and solve them. If you want to learn more, you can contact GPA Expert customer service center.

As the foundation subject of the MBA at Torrens Uni, MGT501 deserves considerable attention. For ghostwriting and other related services, be free to contact GPA Expert customer service center.





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