MKTG7019 Marketing Systems – writing, analysis report, business report, lecture

MKTG7019 Marketing Systems is a graduate marketing program at the University of Western Sydney (UWA). It looks at the marketing process from a holistic perspective, taking into account the intersection of economics, government and community. This course examines consumer behavior, market regulation, social responsibility and sustainability. Students will learn to consider the marketing process and its consequences at the macro and micro levels.

Assignment 1 is an analysis report. It is accounted for 30% and the word limit is 1000 words. The report will focus on how Australia's pet marketing system has proliferated. The purpose of the report is to identify attractive groups of customers whose demands have not yet been met, and to make recommendations to existing organizations that will ultimately meet their needs. Be aware that the given organisation is Pet Insurance Australia (RSPCA). Students may choose a different institution, with the consent of their tutor. Also, be aware that the product or service provided by the organization is affordable to the target customer group. The due day is in week 4. Want more information? Please contact GPA Expert.


Assignment 2 is a business report. It's 40%, and it's about 2,500 words. In Assignment 2, students acted as marketing consultants and were commissioned to write a report that would persuade the Northern Territory Government to allow or deny a large liquor chain store in Darwin. There was both support and opposition from the local community, but the students could only support one view. Assignment 2 attempts to get students to apply a social marketing system perspective to the problem. The due day is in week 7. If you encounter problems in the writing of the report, don't panic. Just contact GPA Expert to help you solve them.


Assignment 3 is a lecture in class. It is accounted for 30% and contains 15 minutes of presentation and an additional 5 minutes of digital story sharing. First, students develop a digital story, which must be very compelling and accompanied by suggestions for action. The story must follow a narrative structure, with a clear beginning, middle, end, and a call to action. Second, students prepare a 15-minute presentation in class to explain the marketing strategy behind the digital story. Assignment 3 can make multiple short videos. The due day is in the class of week 10.

As a graduate program of UWA, the assessment of MKTG7019 is quite difficult and requires a lot of report writing. For help or guidance, please contact GPA Expert.





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