COMP90041 Programming and Software Development – writing, Java, programming project design

COMP90041 Programming and Software Development is a professional IT program at the University of Melbourne. Its purpose is to equip students with methods to solve moderately complex computer problems and to increase their proficiency in designing and writing programs.

The programming language used by COMP90041 is Java, and it includes Java basics, including: console input/output, control flow, defining classes, working with object references, programming with arrays, heritage, polymorphism and abstract classes, exception handling, UML basics, interfaces, generics, and more. If you need to catch up on Java basics, you can contact GPA Expert to get it.

Assignment 1: programming assignments

Assignment 1 consists of two programming assignments, each accounting for 15% of the assignments. The due day is on week 6 and Week 9 respectively. A total of 30 hours of work is required.

Assignment 2: online quiz

The online quiz is conducted on week 3 or week 4. The test lasts for half an hour and there are five hours of preparation before the test. It's 10%.

Assignment 3: Your Final assignment

The Final assignment is divided into two parts. Part 1 is for programming project design, accounting for 40%. The purpose is to examine students' proficiency in designing and writing programs. Part 2 is a one-hour online quiz. It has a 20% share and is open during exam week. It covers the knowledge points of the whole subject.

Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 make up 70% of the total hurdle. Only when the grades in these two assignments are above 50% can they pass the subject. When meeting difficulties in completing tasks, you can turn to GPA Expert to help solve them.

Although COMP90041 is an entry-level Java course, IT is a certain difficulty and cannot be ignored as the IT graduate subject of the University of Melbourne. We must consolidate the basic knowledge of Java, to lay a solid foundation for further study.





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