BUSM3125 Strategy - writing assessment analysis report

BUSM3125 Strategy: This course explores the origins and development of business Strategy, selected strategic paradigms, competitive or alternative theoretical frameworks, and their implications.  The course focuses on different perspectives on the role of strategy in organizational success and examines concepts, theoretical frameworks, and analytical techniques that contribute to the acquisition of knowledge of strategic management processes, with particular emphasis on strategic inputs, strategic actions (strategy development and strategy implementation) and strategic outcomes.  It also explores the origin and development of business strategy, selected strategic paradigms, competitive or alternative theoretical frameworks, and their implications.  

BUSM3125 provides you with an apex experience that will give you the opportunity to integrate, critically reflect on and consolidate what you have learned in the course.  This course will be conducted through in-person lectures and access to materials and resources on Canvas.  The course is conducted using a variety of learning techniques, including online, lectures, seminars, online discussions, and case studies.  

 Homework Introduction: three assignments need to explore Strategy Framework such as The Framework shown in the pictures to get a better score  

 AT1: You will analyze and write a report on the business-level strategy of a real-life enterprise, Bonsa Airlines.  Requirements.  Using the theories and concepts in modules 1, 2, and 3, the strategic operating environment of Bonza Airlines is analyzed.  This analysis requires a review of the background information in this package about the case study organization.  In addition to the information provided in the packets, you will need to do your research from a range of relevant academic and professional sources, including journal articles and professional publications.  

AT2: In this assignment, we did an analysis based on the analysis of Assignment 1.  In assignment 2, we will now focus on organization.  You will need to analyze the strategic options available to our case study organization and recommend which strategies to adopt.  You should apply the theories and concepts covered in the course and apply them in your analysis of the strategic options for Bonza, our case study organization.  Please consult GPA Expert customer service for details.  

AT3: You will now build on the analysis you did for assignments 1 and 2.  In Assignment 3, you will now focus on the final step of the strategy by implementing your findings in Assignment 2.  You need to identify and explain the key implementation aspects of your chosen strategy.  Identify and explain which effectiveness measures you will use to assess the effectiveness and results of the strategy.  Apply theories and concepts covered in the course in analyzing the implementation and evaluation of strategic recommendations from Bonza, our case study organization. 

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