BUSM4504 Professional HR Practices – writing, sample, essay, presentation, report

BUSM4504 Professional HR Practices is a postgraduate course at RMIT. It introduces human resource management (HRM) practices from both employee and employer perspectives. Students will approach the course through an experiential, activity-based learning approach, which helps to improve students' ability to learn independently.

The evaluation of BUSM4504 is divided into 3 assignments.

Assignment 1:

RMIT Careers Website Critical Essay;

Accounted for 20%;

The word limit is 1,500 words;

The due day is in week 5.

Assignment 1 requires students to visit the Job and Career Advice Website and answer relevant questions. Finally, finish the Essay by sorting out relevant materials. Submit the works in DOC or PDF format. For more information, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2:

HR Framework Presentation;

Accounted for 30%;

The word limit is 1,500 words;

The due day is in week 9;

Assignment 2 requires students to set up an HR standards framework based on the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), such as the Australian Institute of Human Resources (AHRI), Institute of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), etc. Students must address their chosen criteria within their framework and use at least 10 academic references to support their reasoning. In Assignment 2, pay attention to the use of charts and tables; see GPA Expert for details.

Assignment 3:

The Case Study Report;

Accounted for 50%;

The word limit is 2,500 words;

The due day is in week 9;

Assignment 3 asks students to read a given case study that introduces the history of a fictional organization called BA Financial Corporation. Several questions are given at the end of the case study. Students write a case study report based on their understanding of the case and the problem. Note that the format of the report is given and must be written exactly as given.

By completing BUSM4504 students can analyze and compare international human resources professional standards and evaluate their application in organizations, demonstrating expertise in tools, tactics, and strategies that can be used to achieve conflict resolution. If you have any difficulties in completing the Presentation or writing an Essay or Report, please feel free to contact GPA Expert for help.

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