ECON1555 Business Data Analytics – writing, reflection, lecture, report

ECON1555 Business Data Analytics is one of RMIT's major business courses. It provides students with methods and tools to identify, research, and analyze business problems in the digital age.

Assignment 1: Individual reflection

Accounted for 10%;

2000 words required;

Inspection range Week1-Week4;

Upon completion of Assignment 1 Individual reflection, students should pay attention to the assigned number of words. The mid-term, introduction and conclusion are required to write 400 words, the body part is 1600 words in total, and the weekly knowledge can be allocated about 400 words (including screenshots, charts and tables). The Reference is in Harvard format. Want to know more detailed requirements? Contact GPA Expert!

Assignment 2: Individual speech

In the form of Video presentation +Excle data analysis;

Accounted for 30%;

Assignment 2 The presentation can be divided into two parts. The first part requires students to record a video presentation (up to 5 minutes, up to 8 slides, excluding the title slide, closing slide, and reference materials) in mp4 format.

The second part asks students to analyze a given dataset, interpret it, draw conclusions, and provide recommendations to business clients based on their own analysis. Students will demonstrate the data visualization and descriptive analysis techniques they have learned in the course by demonstrating excel files.

Assignment 3: Individual Report

Accounted for 50%;

Assignment 3 is also divided into two parts. The first part requires students to write a 2,500-word business analysis Report (Individual). The second part puts the Report using Excel data analysis output/results format (.XLSX). Students need to apply the relevant knowledge learned from Weeks 1 to 11 to the business use cases and data sets provided. For more details, please contact GPA Expert.

ECON1555 is a postgraduate course offered by RMIT, which helps students to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. By learning this course, students can become proficient in applying statistical analysis software and learn how to avoid common pitfalls. Please consult GPA Expert for more help.





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