A brief introduction to the Qualitative Analysis Method

The Qualitative Analysis Method is the analysis work based on the inherent nature of the research object. It is based on quantitative analysis, but is very different in nature from quantitative analysis. In other words, it is a bottom-up process of theory formation.

Qualitative analysis can be divided into Phenomenological Research, Narrative Research, Action Research, Ethnography Research, Grounded theory Research and so on. According to the method of data collection, it can be divided into observation method, interview method, survey method, group discussion method, secondary research method, and so on.

The observation method requires researchers to record what they see, hear, and feel during the investigation, and present them through detailed notes. The advantage of the observation method is that it is simple and convenient and easy to form written materials. But its disadvantage is that the subjective emotion of the researcher will affect the objectivity of the research results.

The interview method requires the researcher randomly selected a certain amount of research objects are separate private interviews, the advantage of this approach is able to get comprehensive information in detail, but the disadvantages are also obvious, a smaller proportion of respondents are often the object of study, sample representative cannot assure, maybe some negative influence on the results of the study.

The group method is to ask questions and initiate discussion in a group. Its advantage is that through group discussion, the final research result is more objective, its disadvantage is that it will consume a lot of time for discussion.

The survey method, also known as the questionnaire method, is a method of obtaining research data by issuing questionnaires to research subjects. It has the advantages of convenience, a wide audience, and relatively objective data, but it also has obvious disadvantages, such as high cost, a low recovery rate of questionnaire samples, and difficulty to guarantee the objectivity of research data.

The secondary research method collects existing data by means of text, audio, and video. That is to say, secondary processing of the research data.

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