COSC2391 Further Programming – writing, sample, video presentation, case analysis

COSC2391 Further Programming is the IT professional program at RMIT. The language used is Java language. Through the study of this course, students can skillfully use Java language to operate the database and Java FX GUI design.

COSC2391 is divided into two assignments, but the coding exercises will also contribute to the assessment score.

Assignment 1: Online Booking System for Vehicle Rentals

Accounted for 20%;

In Assignment 1, students will design a Java program individually. The Java program is an online car rental reservation system called “My Car”. Through Assignment 1, students will practice Java basics, object-oriented (OO) concepts, the Java Collection framework, exceptions, file input/output, and unit testing. Java SE 8 or later is required for this Assignment.

Assignment 2: Graphic Design Application

Accounted for 45%;

Submissions are due by the evening of October 21st;

In Assignment 2, students individually develop a graphic design application called “My Health”, which allows users to keep health records. Assignment 2 allows students to practice object-oriented design principles, design patterns, the Java Collection Framework, generics, exceptions, graphical user interfaces, serialization, and deserialization. Java SE 8 (or later versions) and Java FX are required for this Assignment.

Coding Exercise 1:

Accounted for 5%. Students are required to take part in the exercises during the specified time. Note that the opening time is only 35 minutes. For more information, please consult GPA Expert.

Coding Exercise 2:

Accounted for 10%. Students are required to submit the solution within the specified time, note that the opening period is within 20 minutes.

Coding Exercise 3:

Accounted for 10%. Students are required to practice the Stream operation in the specified time. Note that the submission time is within 20 minutes.

Assignment 1 Milestone Check Video Demo

Accounted for 3%;

Due day is in week 3. Students need to demonstrate their own code execution.

Assignment 2 In-lab Milestone Check

Accounted for 3%. Give a 5-minute video presentation as required by the instructor. For more information, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 Post-Submission Final Interview (Online)

Accounted for 4%;

Students are required to make an appointment with the appropriate tutor from October 24 to 30. Interviews will be conducted via MS Teams and will last 20 minutes. The interview was divided into two parts. In the first part, students were asked to demonstrate the code. In the second part, the tutor asked students to answer questions about the code implementation. Time is tight, so students are advised to be concise and clear in their presentations.

COSC2391 is a very basic Java course that is easy to complete if you have a solid grasp of the basics. It should be noted that there are many Assignment projects and some assignments will only be open for 20 minutes. In order to get a higher grade, it is recommended that you do not forget to submit your work within the specified time. If you have trouble in Java programming, you can ask GPA Expert customer service for help.





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