ACCT2285 Wealth Creation and Estate Planning - writing, samples, study report, final report

ACCT2285 Wealth Creation and Estate Planning is an undergraduate course at RMIT. It focuses on two important areas of financial planning - wealth creation and estate planning. The first area is aimed at understanding how to build personal wealth. The second area is estate planning. Through this course, students will learn how estate planning can become an integral part of the financial planning process.

The assessment of ACCT2285 is divided into 3 assignments.

Assignment 1: Class Test

Accounted for 15%;

Assignment 1 Class Test is an online test. The test takes place on week 6 and is a closed-book exam that students have 50 minutes to complete. Note that the non-programmable calculator carried by students can be allowed to use. Do you want to know the exercises? Please consult GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 2: Case study report

Accounted for 40%;

Word limit 4,000 words;

The due day is in week 10;

Assignment 2 Case study report Students were asked to act as consultants and provide a 4,000-word research report to William and Monique. It is important to note that this report should be written in strict accordance with the detailed requirements, otherwise it will affect the final score. For detailed requirements, please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 3: In the Final Exam

Accounted for 45%;

Assignment 3 Final Exam, which will take place on 8 November, will include 15 minutes of reading time and two hours of answering time, with sample questions provided before the exam.

The purpose of ACCT2285 is to help students analyze a client's financial situation, identify estate planning needs, and then work with the appropriate professional to develop a solution. As such, it will cover different wealth creation theories and strategies, the attributes needed to build wealth, and an understanding of the importance of risk analysis. For more details, please click GPA Expert to contact Customer Service.





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