How to make a splendid Presentation?

Presentation is becoming more and more popular in nowadays university. Compared with the rigid and fixed assessment method of Essay, Presentation is more physically and mentally exhausting. This is because Presentation can improve students' ability to make presentations and apply theoretical knowledge. Therefore, in order to get a higher GPA to apply for a post-graduate degree, it is necessary to learn to make a good presentation!

In most cases, the Presentation has to be opened to the public. If a student has some kind of mental illness such as social phobia, it will be difficult for he/she to get an ideal score on the Presentation. To solve this problem, students can strengthen psychological counseling on one hand and increase the number of exercises on the other hand. In training the ability to Presentation, we recommend mirror practice and a 1-2 minute lift speech, which could greatly enhance their self-confidence.

As for the preparation of the Presentation, students can divide it into two parts: PPT (speech material) and logical and clear oral expression:

The speech material

First of all, in the layout of the PPT, do not put too much text, which will make the audience's visual experience worse. Secondly, regarding the collocation of text and background color, must pay attention to the choice of strong contrast color collocation, do not use similar colors at the same time. Thirdly, moderate insertion of some animation and illustration will make the PPT more beautiful, with a little background music (light music) is also OK. Finally, if the example is interesting, you can insert a video, but the last of the video must be short.

Oral expression (i.e. speech)

First of all, the speaker should speak at a moderate pace, which can be adjusted according to the reaction of the audience. Secondly, the speaker's cohesive words are very important, such as "Transition to the main topic", "Transition to a new section" and so on. A good cohesive word can make the whole speech more fluent. Thirdly, at the beginning of the speech, the speaker can introduce himself or do a small interactive activity with the audience, so that the audience will consciously participate in the speech. Finally, the speaker should use body language skillfully, pay attention to eye contact, and can also add questions to increase the interaction with the audience, so that the audience could understand the meaning of the speech and participate in the discussion. For example: "I'd like to be happy to answer any questions".

Before making the Presentation, the speaker can read the manuscript several times to get familiar with the content of the presentation and relieve nervousness. Rezi, Easily, Canva , Animoto, and Eagle are recommended for making a Presentation easily. These softwares can help the speaker make a professional PPT efficiently. More help can be found in GPA Expert.

Wish everyone gets a satisfactory result on the Presentation assignment!





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