115111 Communication Theory and Practice – writing, essay, quiz, sample

115111 Communication Theory and Practice is an elective course at the University of New Zealand. There are four Ass assignments in this course.

Ass1 is a Written Communication Strategy. Students are required to write a short essay. Students can choose between a business letter (350 words) and a business email (400 words). The deadline is August 14th, and the submission format is PDF. Want more information? Please click GPA Expert to contact customer service.

Ass2 is a Verbal/Non-verbal Communication Strategy. It is divided into two parts:

Part 1 requires students to write a cover letter of 300 words, Part 1 10%, and the deadline for submission is September 15th.

Part 2 asks students to make a video resume. Students research an organization they would like to work for, explore the organization's background, values, and culture, and create a 2-minute video resume (VCV) to complement Part 1's cover letter. Part 2 accounts for 20%, and the submission deadline is September 15th.

Ass3 is the Collaborative Communication Strategy. It is divided into three parts:

Section 1 is the panel report. The word count is 3000 words. Each group consists of 6-7 members, accounting for 15%, and submissions are due by October 17th.

Section 2 is a 1500-word personal reflection report, which has a 15% requirement of 1500 words. The deadline for submission is October 21st.

Part 3 is an online survey with only 5% of respondents, also due October 21.

Ass4 consists of five online tests. Each test has a total of 15 questions, which can be done three times and retain the highest score. For more information, please contact GPA Expert.





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