MMH701 Human Resource Strategy - writing assessment case report

This course is about human resource management experience, about the potential of human resource strategies to improve organizational and employee outcomes.  Learn the theory behind human resource strategy and how to effectively implement human resource strategy through human resource systems and practices in a dynamic work environment.  We will discuss the many challenges faced by human resource managers, learning practical examples and solutions.  

There are two assessments for MMH701, assignment 1 is 40% of the whole course, assignment 2 is 60% of the whole course, and assignment 2 is the 3500 automatic work report.  

 Assignment 1, assume that you are the newly appointed human resources director of your company, and independent research and write an analytical discussion paper using authoritative sources such as relevant HRM theories, models, and empirical research evidence: Artemis Business Services, a professional services company operating in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.  Over the past two years, the pandemic has caused some disruption to the way the company operates, with most employees working from home.  In addition, many Artemis customers have experienced financial hardship, which has resulted in decreased ROI and reduced profits over the last two years.  In discussions with your new HR team, the HR team has asked you three questions that you need to respond to this article with what you have learned.  12pt font, is 1.5 numbered pages.  The length is 2500 words and does not include reference lists, tables or charts.  Cite at least 10 references to support your article (Harvard or APA format).  Please read the score sheet carefully before writing and pay attention to details so that you can get a higher score.  Consult GPA Expert customer service for details.  

For assignment 2, you will choose an Australian organization or an Australian branch, either your own organization (if currently employed) or an organization you are familiar with.  Write a report that describes, critically analyzes, and evaluates the organization's current human resource strategy and system, focusing on the link between human resources and organizational strategy and performance.  There are several key points to pay attention to:1, the goals of the HUMAN resource system; 2, any operation-related issues; 3, the success and problems of the human resource system; 4, suggestions for the modification and improvement of existing strategies and human resource system based on contemporary human resource theory.  

The format and writing template of the essay can be referred to. The introduction part is 600-700 words, the body part is about 2000 words, the summary is 100-200 words, and the suggestion is 300-400 words.  References (Harvard or APA format). 

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