152.203 Business and Society - writing, note, presentation, test

152.203 Business and Society is a course at Massey University. The main learning objectives of this course are: to understand the relationship between enterprises and society; to understand the impact of social and moral values on business. Analysis of corporate social responsibility and role; Analyze the impact of globalization and sustainable development on enterprises.

Assignment 1 is Group Assignment and Presentation Information, accounting for 30%. Assignment 1 consists of 3 parts:

Part 1 is a Biographical note, in which students are required to write a 400-word introduction to themselves and their classmates. This note accounts for 10%; Part 2 is for Observation and notes. Students are required to write a note of observation. The number of words should be less than 350, accounting for 10%. Part 3 is the Group presentation, which requires students to submit a 5-7-minute personal statement video and a personal summary in a group. The title is “How the business and society relationship gets played out in our everyday lives”.

Assignment 2 is an aspect of the business/society relationship. It requires students to choose one of the given topics to write a paper. The topic of the paper can be selected from the topics of Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, and Week 7. The Word length requirement is 1500 words, and students can insert pictures, audio, and video materials into the paper to enrich the expression. Assignment 2 accounted for 30%. Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 is a question-answer test in which students select two essays from a range of topics. The specific essays will be given during the open hours of the examination. Assignment 3 is weighting 40%, so it is very important. Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

152.203 As an undergraduate course at Massey University, Business and Society is of limited difficulty. Students need to understand and grasp the relationship between business and society, especially corporate social responsibility. Want more help? Please contact GPA Expert customer service.





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