ISYS3412 Practical Database Concepts - quiz, ER, SQL, programming, model

ISYS3412 Practical Database Concepts is a course from RMIT's bachelor of information technology (BIT). Its main teaching purpose is to enable students to learn common database design. The key point of teaching is database management, the difficulty of teaching is SQL programming.

ISYS3412 can be roughly divided into 4 assignments.

Assignment 1 is Online Quizzes. The Online Quiz is divided into five parts: Online Quiz1, Online Quiz2, Online Quiz3, Online Quiz4, and Online Quiz5. Each Quiz accounts for 3% and 15% in total. For more information, please consult GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 2 is a Take-home assignment. This job accounted for 20%, and the main content of the job was ER Modeling and Relational Database Model. The deadline is week6 weekend. Assignment 2 can be divided into Part A Entity-Relationship Modelling (12 Marks) and Part B Relational Database Model (8 Marks). Students are only required to complete the required tasks. It should be noted that students must use the "Lucid chart" to complete the content of the first part. The file saving format can only be selected as PDF format. Submissions of other formats will not be accepted.

Assignment 3 is a Take-home assignment. The share of this job is 30%, and the main content of this job is SQL Programming and Normalization. The deadline is week 6 weekend. Assignment 3 is designed to reinforce what students have learned in class and laboratory courses. Specifically, it covers advanced concepts in relational database design, using SQL to query relational databases, and analyzing different database models for different applications. Want more details? Consult GPA Expert!

Assignment 4 is Database Design Project. The main content of this assignment is to research and understand a publicly available data set, design a conceptual model to store the data set in a relational database, build the database and host the data according to the student's own design, and develop SQL queries in response to a set of requirements. It is designed to reinforce what students have learned throughout the course, such as how to build simple applications that connect to a database back end and run simple relational schemas. The specific operation steps can be: understanding the data - designing the database - creating the database - data retrieval. The deadline for this task is October 30. Note that the job submission format can be PDF, SQL, or DB.

ISYS3412 will help students master the basic skills needed to design databases and explore SQL programming for querying and working with a variety of application databases. If there is a need for Database Design Project design, you can timely seek help from GPA Expert customer service.





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