MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance - writing assessment report case

MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance introduces the fundamentals of Finance and provides three basic assessments for this course:

Assessment 1. The teacher will explain the general requirements of the homework in class. There are 4 quizzes in total. In this assignment, you will acquire basic expertise and competencies by describing, analyzing, and applying key financial concepts, risk-return measurements of personal assets and portfolios, and weighing the Australian financial system, as well as global financial markets.

In addition, the reading list of related units you will find in the DKU Library. The Due day is Week4/6/8/11, accounting for 10%. The above is the general contents of Assessment1. For details, please refer to GPA Expert.

Group Written Assessment 2 is Written Assessment. It requires a Group of 3 to 4 people to write 4000 words of written work based on the basic questions of finance. The report will discuss what finance is and why it is important for individuals and companies. Involves the measurement and application of benefits and risks. This assignment will give you good numerical literacy and critical thinking based on basic questions in finance. In Group work, it is suggested to set up a team as early as possible to ensure efficient work efficiency. 30% is important this time, and the due day is Week9.

The last Assessment3 in MAF101 is a personal close-volume Examination, which will last about 2 hours. The final assessment will have a significant impact on your personal score. The purpose of the final assessment task is to conduct academic and practical analysis of real financial problems on the basis of solving the problem, and providing ansible solutions based on the processed information. This assignment is designed to equip you with a well-developed way of thinking and how the skills and knowledge you have acquired will prepare you for the job. The final proportion of 60% is very important. Due Day will be given during the exam. As for the important knowledge points covered by the types of questions in the Final exam, if there is anything unclear, you can choose your own teacher to explain the GPA Expert.

The average score of MAF101 is 83, among which the group Assessment can be learned in GPA Expert, and there are also notes and explanations in QUIZ and Final. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult GPA Expert in detail.





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