ATS1119 Communicating in the digital era – writing, presentation, project, plan

ATS1119 Communicating in the digital era is a course in the School of Arts, Monash University. It introduces the basic concepts of video production, broadcasting, news reporting, advertising, and social media. This is a necessary course for students who aim to become professional media communicators.

The assessment for ATS1119 consists of 4 assignments.

Assignment 1: Online Activities

The proportion of 10%;

Deadline is Friday of week 1-10;

Assignment 1 Online Activities Students are required to complete weekly online activities within 1 to 10 weeks. The content of the activities is the theoretical knowledge learned this week. The results of the activities should be submitted at 5 PM every Friday. For more details on Online Activities, please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2: Visual Storytelling

The proportion of 20%;

Due Week 4 Friday;

Assignment 2 Visual Storytelling requires students to analyze a given case study and effectively convey a story or information from a current media case study in a visual format. Students perform this assessment task by applying valid visual narrative principles and media concepts and creatively using info-graphics to express them. For more details, please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 3: Digital Storytelling via Blogging

The proportion of 30%;

Closing Date: Friday of Week 6 & Friday of Week 8;

Assignment 3 Digital Storytelling via Blogging aims to learn how to solve ethical and legal dilemmas in the digital age. The concept of media refers to a form of communication suitable for a specific target public audience. This type of activity can be considered an employable skill requirement for anyone wanting to pursue media communications as a career.

Assignment 4: Digital Project

Proportion 40% (proportion of Part A is 10%, proportion of Part B is 30%);

Part A Plan asks students to write a Digital Project Plan. Part B Video and exegesis require students to demonstrate their Digital Project Plan and give reasonable explanations. The purpose of this assignment is to get students to critically reflect on how digital web technologies can be used to create participatory communication and invite them to produce or create personal media texts.

Through the study of ATS1119, students begin to think about media technologies in new ways, solve ethical and legal dilemmas in the digital age, and develop ideas for the development of digital culture. For help, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service Center.





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