ATS2324 Climate Change Communication - writing, short essay, plan, reflection

ATS2324 Climate Change Communication is a course at the School of Arts, Monash University. This course is dedicated to examining the differences between climate science communication and media coverage of climate change. Through this course, students can understand and critically reflect on the content of the 6 modules.

The evaluation of ATS2324 is divided into four parts.

Assignment 1: Weekly quizzes

The proportion of 20% (2% for each quiz)

Assignment 1 is Weekly quizzes. It requires students to complete and submit a quiz by the end of every Tuesday, starting from the fourth week. Assignment 1 There are 10 quizzes in total, and each quiz accounts for 2%. The main content of Weekly quizzes is the weekly course concept and theory. For detailed requirements on Weekly quizzes, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2: Write a Short essay

The proportion of 20%;

The word limit is 1000 words;

Assignment 2 Short essay: Assignment 2 Short essay: Students should write a short essay of about 1000 words. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate students' ability to critically analyze climate change communication cases. In the paper, we should put forward a clear and definite argument, select appropriate arguments according to the argument to support students' opinions, and pay attention to the rigor of the structure of the article. For Short essay revision and polish, students are recommended to consult the "How to optimize your Essay?” For more assistance, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service Center.

Assignment 3: Plan for communication product

The proportion of 20%;

The word limit is 1000 words;

Assignment 3 requires students to write a plan of about 1000 words for the presentation in Assignment 4. Note that discounted assignments will receive feedback, which may influence Assignment 4. For more information, please contact GPA Expert.

Assessment 4: Communication product (Part A) and Reflection (Part B)

The proportion of 40%;

Assessment 4 is divided into Part A Communication product and Part B Reflection.

Based on the proposal of Assignment 3, the main objective of this task is to apply the theories introduced in the course in the development of climate change Communication products. The word limit for Part A is 1500 words, accounting for 30% of the total.

Part B Reflection is the reflection and summary of Part A. Part B is limited to 400 words, accounting for 10%.

As a course of Monash University, ATS2324 is highly difficult to assess. Students need to take Australia as a case to conduct research on the relationship between climate change and politics, economy, and media. Quiz guide, Short essay writing guide, and personal reflection help can be found in GPA Expert.





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