BAFI1065 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Analysis - writing, test, project,analysis

BAFI1065 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Analysis focus on bonds and other interest rate-based securities. Through the application of relevant financial theories and tools, students are expected to analyze and evaluate the relationship between risk and return, formulate relevant targeted strategies based on the analysis results, and finally, realize the management and evaluation of the performance of fixed-income securities.

BAFI1065 is divided into 3 assignments:

Assignment 1: Mid-semester test

The proportion is 15%;

Open during week 5 (open every 3 days)

The form is open book examination;

The exam content is the theoretical content of week1-week3;

Assignment 1's test questions can be divided into multiple-choice questions and short answers questions. Students are required to complete the test in 70 minutes. For more information on the exam, please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2: Individual Project

The proportion is 35%;

Submission time is before September 30;

The word count is 12 pages;

The open phase is from August 15 to October 15;

Assignment 2 is a personal project assignment. It requires students to choose a set of Australian Commonwealth Government securities, each of which contains four non-indexed bonds. Students will collect key information such as coupon rate, maturity date, and bond yield of these bonds from January to July, and use this information to analyze and discuss, and construct yield curve, spot curve, and forward curve. Forecast the spot and forward curves for the next five years, and launch relevant discussions. Please consult GPA Expert for format requirements.

Assignment 3 Simulation and analysis

The proportion is 50%;

Submission is due by October 28;

Assignment 3 consists of two parts:

The first part is the simulation of trading;

The specific gravity is 10%;

The word count requirement is a maximum of two pages, excluding tables, figures, and appendices;

The first part is based on the students' trading simulation activities in Week 6 and Week 9, and answers the relevant questions. Note that the word count should not be exceeded in 2 pages.

The second part is portfolio analysis;

The proportion is 40%;

A maximum of 10 pages is required, excluding tables, figures, and appendices;

The second part requires students to use search codes to obtain information in Eikon based on their assigned set of five Australian government/corporate bonds and a bond index, which complete analytical solutions to the relevant information. Please contact GPA Expert for details.

The course requires students not only to master knowledge points, but also to master the calculation formula of excel and understand the basic skills of accounting. If you are lacking in accounting calculation or need help, click GPA Expert to find a professional teacher to teach BAFI1065. If you have difficulty in completing the assignment, you can contact GPA Expert to help students complete it, we will provide the best service!





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