MS1192 Design and Application of Materials in Science and Engineering - writing, test, report, sample

MS1192 Design of Materials in Science and Engineering is an introductory course in Materials and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. This course focuses on the microstructure of engineering materials and their relationship to properties. If you want to consolidate the basic knowledge of this course, I suggest you contact your GPA Expert, where you will be contacted by a professional tutor to teach this course.

There are 5 assignments for MS1192.

Assignment 1 Quizzes There are 11 weekly online quizzes in total. Each quiz is open on Mondays of the week and each quiz is limited to one hour. Although this is not a high proportion, Assignment 1 should be taken seriously if you want to get a good grade and keep a check on your study status. You can also contact GPA Expert to help you pass the quiz. In GPA Expert, there are real questions from recent years for reference, and a dedicated service to help you complete the quiz.

Assignment 2 Laboratory Report has 3 activities in total. Each activity requires the completion of a short report outlining your research findings and final conclusions. The Laboratory Report starts in week 3, Week 6, and Week 9, and ends on the Friday of week 5, Week 8, and week 10. Each report should not exceed 6 pages. If you do not have enough time to join in this activity, just give the writing task to GPA Expert, we will provide professional and excellent service.

Assignment 3 includes your performance on weekly class tests, your weekly attendance, class participation, and overall engagement. If you are taking an online course, you can leave it to GPA Expert to do the work, making it easy for you to get a high grade.

Assignment 4 Professional Experience consist of 3 part. Part 1 is to write a 1000-word report. Part 2 is to draw a 7-minute online presentation on a topic given in week 12. The presentation should include a 2-minute Q&A. Part 3 is to write an activity journal. If you don't know how to deal with the presentation, just give it to GPA Expert.

Assignment 5 is a final exam. It includes multiple-choice questions, simple questions, and simple descriptive questions. If you are not sure to pass it, it is strongly recommended to consult GPA Expert! We have a collection of real topics from past years for reference, and we can also provide a course link service.

Although MS1192 is an introductory course, it has various forms of assessment and relatively basic contents. If you want to get a higher score, you are advised to contact the GPA Expert customer service center for help.





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