MGT607 Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship - writing, plan, report, sample

MGT607 is a course at Torrens University. There are four assignments for this course:

Assignment 1 is Case Study Analysis. The proportion is 15% and the word count is 1000 words. It requires you to choose a topic from 3 given topics, study the case and write a case analysis report. If you don't know how to start analyzing a case, you can just consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a Business Concept Plan. Proportion 20%, 1500 words required. You need to develop a Business Concept Plan to find a business solution. The plan is to demonstrate the viability of the solution and gain the support of the management team. Before you write a plan, think about how to get your idea approved and funded. The business plan has specific format requirements. If you want to find someone to help check the format content meets the requirements, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 3 is Business Pitch. 40%, it requires you to do a 5- to 7-minute video presentation and write a brief. Assignment 3 places more emphasis on language skills. The proportion of 40% requires you to be more careful. During the presentation, you should keep in mind that the audience is investors or the top management team of the enterprise. If you are worried that you will not get the ideal score, please contact GPA Expert. We have a professional team to prepare the speech and PPT.

Assignment 4 is Reflective Journal. Proportion 25%, 2000 words required. It requires you to write a reflection journal of LESS than 2,000 words. Since it is at the end of the semester, this journal will be a reflection on the whole course.

The assessment method of MGT607 is biased towards the examination of individual ability. If the theoretical basis is weak, it is easy to be exposed in the report, plan, log, and video presentation. It is recommended to take a tutoring course to help you understand the theoretical knowledge, or to seek professional services directly for GPA Expert.





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