ECON1020 Prices and Market - writing assessment report case study

ECON1020 Prices and Markets.  it consist of 3 assessments. Assessment 1 is an online multiple-choice quiz, Assessment 2 is a microeconomic analysis report of 1500 words, and Assessment 3 is microeconomic case analysis and problem-solving. 

Assessment 1 is an online multiple-choice quiz, which consists of 10 multiple choice questions and 60 minutes' time limit. The due date is Friday of the fourth week (March 25), it is accounted for 10%. Please refer to GPA Expert for more details. 

Assessment 2 is a Microeconomic Analysis Report, The Report is based on two main contents, one is the market, the other is the government, for the traders and policymakers need to do it. Perform a microeconomic analysis of your chosen problem and then evaluate what you have learned in the course using the definitions, methods and theories in lectures and tutorials 2-6. You need to look at business and economic news, to find the right questions, to answer them, to state them, and to discuss specific markets for products, services, or factors of production in a specific context by applying microeconomic methods relevant to Assessments in class. The report's word count is 1500 words and it weights for 40%. The due day is on Friday (May 6th) of the 9th week. 

Assessment 3 is Microeconomic Case Analyses & Problem Solving. It contains six questions based on Microeconomic scenarios and problems, five of which must be answered. The due day is on Friday (June 3) of the 13th week.  For details, you can consult  GPA Expert to choose a personal teacher to explain ECON1020. 

The average guiding score of ECON1020 is 83 points. The quiz can be learned from GPA Expert, and there are notes and explanations in the report and case study. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult in detail.





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