PERF1025 Principles of Arts Management – writing, reflection, case study, research paper

PERF1025 Principles of Arts Management is a basic course in Art Management at RMIT. The research field of PERF1025 is related to national and international art management, especially the research on art organizations under a background of cross-cultural.

Assignment 1: In-class Reflection

Accounted for 10%;

Assignment 1 requires students to write a written reflective essay in class at the end of each class session. In reflection, students write a 100-400 word reflection on the topics and discussions of each seminar. If you can't write your personal reflection, refer to the GPA Expert writing guide section.

Assignment 2: Case Study

Accounted for 15%;

The word count is 1,200 words;

Assignment 2 requires students to select a current art management problem as a case study. Students are expected to identify the main causes of problems and formulate specific solutions. Case studies are a common approach. By writing this 1,200-word research report, students can demonstrate their logical thinking skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge. If you do not have the time to complete the case study task, please give the job to us, we have a professional team to provide excellent service, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 3: Arts Management Literature Review

Accounted for 30%;

Assignment 3 Ask students to write a literature review. Note that you need to choose a topic related to arts management and search for 3-4 recently published articles. If you can't determine the topic, you can follow the given example.

Assignment 4: Arts Management Research Paper

The proportion of 45%;

Assignment 4 is an assessment task with a proportion of up to 45%. The assignment is to write a 3,500-word research report. Can't write an investigation report? With just one click, GPA Expert helps you solve your worries easily.

As a postgraduate course of art management major, PERF1025 is rich in contents and forms, which can exercise your ability from all angles. For any assistance, please contact GPA Expert for professional guidance.





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