MGMT3001 Business and Corporate Strategy - case, journal, quiz, presentation

MGMT3001 Business and Corporate Strategy is an organizational strategy. From this course, students can learn strategic theory and strategic management practice, and develop their strategic thinking ability. The course is evaluated in a variety of ways.

Assignment 1 is a personal assignment set that is divided into two parts. (47%).

Part A is two knowledge tests. Each quiz accounts for 10%. The questions are multiple choice and judgment. It is open during week 4 and week 9. It requires students to complete 15 questions in 15 minutes. These two tests are mainly aimed at the basic knowledge assessment, so it is not quit difficult.

Part B requires students to write three 350-word study journals, which need to be submitted to the specified location in week 3, week 7, and week 10. It should be noted that the ultimate purpose of these journals is to reflect themselves, and they should not deviate from the topic.

Since Assignment 1 has many assessment methods and submission time nodes, it is recommended to choose GPA Expert package service, so that you can easily pass the exam.

Assignment 2 is a group case study assignment. It requires students to form a group of 4-5 as a consulting team to come up with strategic solutions for the client. Group work has high requirements on the ability of teamwork, not only to find suitable team members, but also to do a good job of coordination. Assignment 2 is divided into two parts. Part A is group activity and study, accounting for 10%. Part B is a final presentation ,which students is given a 10-minute presentation and 5 minutes answering questions of Part A. Want to learn more about it? Please click GPA Expert.

Assignment 3 is a final test consisting of two parts: a self-assessment test and a personal online presentation test. The completion of Assignment 2 affect the score of Assignment 3. Therefore, it is very important to do well in Assignment 2.

As an undergraduate course at UNSW, MGMT3001 has limited depth of study. Its main teaching purpose is leading students to master and apply relevant strategic theories. And try to use strategic analysis methods such as SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces analysis model and so on to analyze and study strategic strategies. If you are not good at using strategic analysis methods and strategies, let GPA Expert handle it for you.





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