ACCT3601 Global Financial Reporting and Analysis - discussion, report, sample, final test

ACCT3601 Global Financial Reporting and Analysis is an undergraduate course in the Business program of UNSW. The research of this course is established in the context of economic globalization. The main research direction of this course is transnational financial reporting and analysis.

There are 3 main assessment tasks for ACCT3601:

Assignment 1 is a Discussion & Question task. It has two parts, each contributing 5% and 15% of the total grade. The purpose of this task is to deepen the theoretical knowledge through discussion. Due to a large number of submission nodes in Assignment 1, it is recommended to choose GPA Expert course service to avoid missing assignments or forgetting to participate in discussion activities.

Assignment 2 requires students to write a report of 1,000 words. The topic of the report is to conduct research and analysis according to the given course topic, and this report is to be submitted in week 10. Have no idea to write a report? And how to start it? I recommend you choose the report writing service of GPA Expert to help easily finish this report.

Assignment 3 is in the Final Exam. Assignment 3 will be open during examination week at the end of the term. The content of the exam is all the theoretical knowledge of the course. The way of investigation is mainly the application of theoretical knowledge. If your basic knowledge is weak, consider contacting your GPA Expert to find a professional tutor for relevant theoretical knowledge.

ACCT3601 is a basic course in Accounting, the study of theoretical knowledge is more strict, but the overall assessment is not difficult, if you need relevant services, please consult GPA Expert customer service.





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