MGT502 Business Communications – writing, sample, report, presentation

MGT502 Business Communications is a Business course at the University of Torrens. The course mainly introduces the theoretical knowledge points related to business communication. Business communication is mainly divided into internal communication and external communication types. Via business communication, students can develop their critical research and analytical skills to improve their writing and language skills.

MGT502 focuses on writing skills, reports and presentations, and technical communication. It is divided into 3 assignments:

Assignment 1 is a bibliographic annotation and writing a critical argumentation task. It requires students to analyze and select 10 resources related to the topic, each of the resources should be annotated within 150 words. The task suggests that students look at as many relevant books as possible to find the most appropriate resources, which can be referred to as the recommended books for the course. After that, write another page of critical argument based on the 10 notes you have written.

Assignment 2 requires students to submit a 600-word personal forum report. The report is divided into two parts. The first part is to analyze the forum posts of peers, and the second part is to write reflections and summaries based on individual analysis. Want more information or help for this report? Contact GPA Expert customer service! We will provide professional service.

Assignment 3 is a 5-minute teaching demonstration. It requires students to present in a five-minute video presentation, in which they are assisted by 5-10 pages of PowerPoint. If you don't have time to make PPT and have trouble writing speeches or PPT, contact GPA Expert to help you solve the problem easily.

MGT502 focuses on students' critical thinking abilities. Welcome to consult GPA Expert customer service. Here are key points and tips for writing reports, PPT production guidance, and tips for video presentations, so that you can easily get a higher mark!





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