Tips on the repetition rate of an Essay - manner of presentation, replace, tool, sentence structure

The repetition rate of an Essay is a headache for many people. In general, the repetition rate of essays should not exceed 15%. A high repetition rate will cause serious academic integrity problems.

Nowadays, universities in Australia and many other countries attach great importance to the repetition rate of essays. If the repetition rate of essays is too high, it would be easily identified as academic misconduct. The punishment for academic misconduct may be failing the test, retaking the cause, or even affecting your visa or graduation. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to reduce the repetition rate of essays.

Here are five tips for reducing the repetition rate:

Tips 1: Transform the ways of expression

The information expressed in words can be transformed into appropriate diagrams or pictures. Some of the information in pictures and charts can be explained in words. The dynamic transformation of words, forms, pictures, and other expression methods will greatly reduce the repetition rate of an essay.

Tip 2: Use a professional tool to check repetition rates

Use special tools to check essay repetition rates before submitting assignments. Turnitin and other professional tools to check the repetition rate of papers are recommended to help find problems and solve them in a timely manner. This step is best placed after completing the writing and revising of the essay, so as to reduce the repetition rate of the essay by constantly checking and revising.

Tips 3: Use words and phrases with the same meaning

When problems are detected by professional tools that check paper repetition rates, replace them with words and phrases of the same meaning. There are a lot of synonymy substitution sites on the web, like Thesaurus. However, it is very important to focus on the correct usage of words and phrases to cater for English expression habits, not just simply replace them.

Tips 4: Change the sentence structure

For repetitive parts, just simply replace the words and phrases is not enough, you can change the original structure of the sentence. For example, simple sentence and complex sentence transform, long sentence and short sentence transform, active voice and passive voice transform, and compound sentence and subject-subordinate compound sentence transform. According to the context and keeping the original meaning, you can use subjunctive mood, passive sentence, inverted sentence, and so on.

Tips 5: Use reference phrases

For some academic sentences, you can use some quoted phrases and put these repeated parts in the references, so as to reduce the repetition rate.

At last. I would like to remind you that you should pay attention to time management. Reserving a certain amount of time not only allows you to read the recommended books, but also makes it possible for you to polish and revise your essay and check the repetition rate of your essay.

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