ECON1030 Business Statistics - quiz group-work writing case

ECON1030 Business Statistics, about Business Statistics, about Assessment1, is a weekly online quiz.  This course begins by discussing the basic concepts, generalizations, and descriptive statistics of quotients to understand and calculate data organization and descriptive measures involving position, change, and shape.  Each test lasts for 30 minutes and consists of four questions with multiple parts, including two multiple-choice questions.  Note that once the answer has been submitted, it cannot be modified.  The proportion of the first Assessment is 20%, and the Due days are week 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 9 respectively. The above is the general content of Assessment1, and the specific content is referred to GPA Expert.  

The Assessment 2 of ECON1030 is A Group report. According to the rules, there are 2-3 people in A Group. You need to write A business analysis report of about 3500 words, which is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B.  Part A is mainly submitted in the form of a business report, and the general structure must include

1. Title

2. Summary of implementation

3. Introduction

4. Analysis

5. Conclusion.  

The summary of Part B must be based on the analysis of Part A, provided in brief form with no more than 200 words, and it is important not to forget to include 2 or 3 figures.  It is recommended to form teams as early as possible in Group Assessments to ensure efficient work.  At the same time, this operation accounted for 40%, which is relatively high.  Due Day is week10.  

ECON1030  Assessment 3 is a personal writing Assessment that, given a data set for a replication industry or world, students will be required to undertake extensive statistical analysis covered in the course, with an emphasis on mastering the analysis of relationships between variables.  It should be noted that after learning this course, you can acquire the basic ability of the business system. You can use the basic knowledge and concepts learned to explain the relationship between production and life in connection with actual life. The number of words is about 3500 words, including the cover.  At the end of the day, it accounts for 40%, which is very important.  Due Day is Week 14.   

As for the important knowledge points covered by the task in the Group report including the types of topics, if you are not quite clear about them, GPA Expert can explain ECON1030 to teachers of their own major.

The average guidance score of  ECON1030  is 86 points. The key points of score can be learned in the group Assessment in GPA Expert, and notes and explanations for report and chart making are also provided. It is recommended that students who have no basic knowledge can consult in detail. 





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