BIZ104 Customer Experience Management – report, case analysis, study, test

BIZ104 Customer Experience Management is a course at Torrens University. There are 3 assignments for this course. The main purpose of BIZ104 course is to evaluate students' theoretical mastery and theoretical application ability, so as to lay a solid foundation for subsequent courses.

Assignment 1 requires students to write a personal reflection report. The word limit of the report is 500 words, and it will account for 30% of the total score. The theme of the report is to reflect on the student's own customer experience. Students can write the report based on the customer experience of online or offline shopping. Want to know more details? Consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a research analysis report. The word limit of the report is 1,000 words, and it accounts for 40% of the total score. Students can choose an organization as required and conduct relevant research in the role of Customer Experience Manager (CEM). Assignment 2 specifies the format and content of the report. One thing that should be noticed is the focus of the report is on how to improve customer satisfaction. At least seven references should be requested. If you have any ghostwriting needs, please consult GPA Expert in advance.

Assignment 3 is an online test. The test accounts for 30% of the total score. It asks students to answer 13 questions within 90 minutes. Assignment 3 is available during week 11, so time planning is required in advance. If you're worried about losing the test or you want to get a higher score, you can consult GPA Expert customer service. Whether you require a pass or an HD, GPA Expert can provide professional services to meet your needs.

As BIZ104 is a foundation business course at Torrens University, it is not difficult. This course focuses more on the mastery and application of theoretical knowledge. In GPA Expert, the research and analysis report has sample and analysis points for reference, and the online quiz also has real test questions in recent years for reference. Meanwhile, we also provide professional writing services.





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