ACCT2511 Financial Accounting - writing, sample, report, exam

ACCT2511 Financial Accounting is a specialist course in accounting at the University of New South Wales. It introduces the workflow of preparing financial statements and shows how accounting systems software can be used to record business transactions.

ACCT2511 has 4 assignments.

Assignment 1 requires students to write a Financial Report (20%). It requires students to generate a financial statement using MYOB. Assignment 1 can be completed in three stages, which are submitted by the end of week 3, week 8, and week 10. The main purpose of Assignment 1 is to develop students' ability to keep books and prepare financial statements with accounting software. For more information please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a critical research analysis assignment. (20%) It requires students to master the theoretical knowledge of topic1-topic4 and analyze and study the financial statements of companies. Assignment 2 will not only assess students' theoretical knowledge, but also develop their independent research and critical thinking abilities. The task should be completed by the end of week 5.

Assignment 3 is a class participation assessment. It is based on student attendance, class discussions and solutions, and participation in group discussions. It is an easy task to get the 10% marks.

Assignment 4 is a Final Exam. The Final Exam will take place during the exam week and will last 2 hours and 10 minutes, accounting for 50% of the total score. The final exam will cover all the theoretical aspects of the course and will examine students' ability to analyze and critically apply financial statements. Want to know more details about the final exam? GPA Expert can provide sample questions and real questions for reference, and provide online answers guidance, welcome to consult!

As a professional course in Accounting, ACCT2511 is difficult to a certain extent. As it lays the foundation for the subsequent courses, it is suggested to master the theoretical knowledge to lay a good foundation for future study in ACCT2542 and ACCT3563. For reporting guidance or final exam real-time online guidance, please contact GPA Expert customer service directly.





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