MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour - case, study, test, reserch

MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour is a basic course of UNSW Business. The main task of this course is to explore the basic theoretical knowledge of organizational behavior, such as personality and ability, attitude, motivation, leadership, and other related issues. Learning this course can help students improve their interpersonal skills and lay the foundation for becoming excellent managers.

MGMT1002 has 3 assignments:

Assignment 1 is an online test and a class engagement survey (20%). The class participation survey is mainly based on the student’s attendance, class discussion and solution, and group discussion participation to evaluate. The online tests are multiple-choice, and each test should be completed within an hour. For more information or sample questions, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 2 is Management Challenges 1. This task is to be completed during week 2-week 5. It accounts for 40% of the total score, which is a very important project. For more information or help in completing the assignment, please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 3 is Management Challenges 2. Assignment 2: This task should be completed during week7-week10. It accounts for 40% of the total score, so that is also a very important item. Want to follow Management Challenges easily? Contact GPA Expert for help! We could provide professional guidance to help you complete the task at ease.

As an introductory course in Management, MGMT1002 has a relatively simple way of investigation. However, as it is a course to lay the foundation for later learning, it is recommended to master the relevant theoretical knowledge. If you have any troubles in your assignment, please consult GPA Expert customer service at any time. In GPA Expert, you can find test-related tips, Management Challenges tips and guides. We also provide professional services to ensure you pass the course with a high score. Welcome to consult!





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