A brief introduction about the tense problem in writing an Essay - tense, time boundary, essay writing

Attention should be paid to the appropriate usage of the tense in the process of modifying and polishing an essay. If an inappropriate tense is used, it may deviate from the original meaning of the sentence and lead to the reader's misunderstanding. The frequent use of wrong tenses in the Essay will seriously affect the objectivity and rigor of this Essay.

We all know that there are 16 tenses to choose from in English grammar. These 16 tenses can be divided into the past tense, present tense and future tense according to the time boundary. Then, how to correctly use these tenses in essay writing?

First, a time node in the past tense is a point in time or period in the past. The past simple tense is one of the most common tenses in essay writing. The present simple tense can be used to state objective facts and early findings, and the past simple tense can sometimes be used to cite the findings of others. For example: "The same result was discovered in a 2012 study project called..."

Secondly, the present tense is widely used in essays. The present simple tense can be used to introduce general facts, objective truth, discuss the current meaning of things, enlightenment suggestions, and so on; the present perfect continuous tense can be used when the starting time is uncertain, but the event/object has occurred and continues impact to the present. It mainly emphasizes the continuous impact of the event on the present. Therefore, the present simple tense and the present continuous perfect tense are also common tenses in essay writing. For example, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" is used in the present simple tense. "Efforts have been made to solve the problem." is used in the present continuous perfect tense.

Thirdly, the future tense is not usually used in writing an essay. But, the future simple tense can be used at the end of main body part to express the writer's hopes or wishes for the future.

Finally, choose the appropriate usage of the English tenses based on the characteristics of each part of the essay. The abstract, introduction and main body parts can be used in the past simple tense or the present simple tense; the conclusion part can use simple present tense, present perfect continuous tense, simple future tense, etc.

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