MGMT2106 Comparative Management Systems – report, study journal, online test

MGMT2106 Comparative Management Systems is a basic management course at UNSW. MGMT2106 introduces management systems around the world. It helps to improve students' ability to critically analysis and reflection. MGMT2106 consists of 4 assignments.

Assignment 1 is the participation and preparation task. It requires students to write a video report (15%) on the topic of "Personal Culture", then write a self-assessment based on the results of the presentation (5%), and finally participate in a seminar.

Assignment 2 was Tutorial presentation and facilitation (30%). Assignment 2 should be completed in online tutorial classes from week 4 to week 9. GPA Expert can provide real-time tracking service in class, which can effectively solve online evaluation problems.

Assignment 3 request students to write a personal study journal. The content of the journal is to reflect the theoretical knowledge learned in this course. The word requirement for this task is 1,000 words. If you are not sure how to write a study journal, you can consult GPA Expert customer service. There will be a professional writing assistant to help you finish it.

Assignment 4 consists of two online text tasks. The online text will be conducted in two stages: the midterm and the final. It is helpful to assess students' theoretical knowledge in stages, find out the problems in learning in time and make appropriate adjustments. Note that this task needs to be done on the MCQ line. If you encounter difficulties in online testing, please contact GPA Expert customer service in advance to help you solve it, we will provide professional services.

MGMT2106 mainly introduces the comparison of various management systems, which requires students to learn to use critical thinking, study and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various management systems and the reasons for their formation, and generate personal views or opinions based on their own understanding of the management system theory. Whether it is an online assessment, tutorial course tests, report writing, discussions, or learning journal tasks, you can find dedicated services in GPA Expert. Welcome to consult!





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