ACCT3625 ESG Reporting and Enterprise Value Creation – online quiz, seminar, case analysis, report

ACCT3625 ESG Reporting and Enterprise Value Creation is a course for the accounting major. It focuses on the ESG report and its impact on the business. It examines not only the mastery of theoretical knowledge, but also the cultivation of students' comprehensive thinking. The assessment of course ACCT3625 is divided into three assignments.

Assignment 1 is for two tests to be given on week 4 and week 8. The type of questions are multiple-choice questions and short-answer questions, and each test is 30 minutes long. Assignment 1 is a stage test mainly for basic theoretical knowledge. Assignment 1 is mainly for the content of week1-week3 and Assignment 2 is for the content of week4-week7. Therefore, Assignment 1 is very important because each assignment accounts for 20% of the total score. If you have a weak foundation, it is recommended to contact a GPA Expert consulting service. We have historical questions for reference.

Assignment 2 is Seminar Participate. Assignment 2 mainly measures students' participation in group weekly questioning and discussion sessions. The main purpose of Assignment 2 is to encourage independent learning and to promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas. It only counts for 25% of your grade, so just make sure to speak up in group meetings and class discussions to get a good grade.

Assignment 3 is a case gap analysis task. Students work in small groups to study the assigned case, covering the basic concepts, guiding principles, and content requirements of the integrated reporting framework. Finally, a written group report (PowerPoint format) is developed that summarizes the group's findings and recommendations from the gap Analysis (20%). The group also prepared a video presentation of the group's findings (15%). In this video, each student will have about two minutes to demonstrate. The score for the video presentation is divided into a 5 percent group score and a 10 percent individual score. More information can be found in GPA Expert.

ACCT3625 is mainly about the ESG report and its impact on the enterprise. Through the study of a large number of real business cases, cultivate students' professional thinking. If your basic knowledge is weak, or you do not have time to attend the Seminar and complete the case study PPT and video presentation tasks, it is better to contact the GPA Expert customer center. We will provide professional services for you to select!





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