MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures - writing, case study, group presentation, research report

MGMT2102 Managing across Cultures is a foundation course in International Business at UNSW. The main teaching objective of this course is to lead students to explore the impact of culture on business and management. The effect is multi-dimensional. Through the study of this course, students will learn the relationship between cross-cultural communication, interaction, negotiation and corporate social responsibility. The evaluation of MGMT2102 was mainly divided into four assignments.

Assignment 1 is a Tutorial engagement task. The task is worth only 10% of the total score, and its main purpose is to check students' attendance and participation in group discussions. The task was as simple as ensuring attendance and active participation in the discussion section to earn points.

Assignment 2 is a case study group presentation. It asked the group to present the results of the case study through a 15-minute group presentation. Every member of the team should participate in the group presentation and make an equal contribution. Alternative cases will be available within a specified time. This task is worth 20% of the total value. If you are unable to do group tasks, or need tips for presentations, please contact GPA Expert customer service for advice.

Assignment 3 is a Cross-cultural comparative analysis. This task requires students to choose two countries, analyze and compare their mainstream cultural differences, compare their differences in structure and management style, and present them in a written report. The word count for this report is 1,000 words, accounting for 30% of the total score. At the end of the report, students should put forward suggestions on cross-cultural management based on the mainstream cultural differences between the two countries. If you want to know more, please contact GPA Expert customer service, it will give you professional report-writing guidance and other services.

Assignment 4 is the Capstone case study. The case study of this task will be presented to students in the Moodle on week 10. It asks students to conduct research and investigation based on this case with problems. Before the research, it is necessary to solve the problems in the case first, and then conduct research and investigation according to the theoretical knowledge learned in this course. Assignment 4 is worth 40% of the total value and is required to be 1,200 words. If you feel that you have no idea when writing the report, you can read the bibliography more, or you can give GPA Expert customer service to help you finish.

MGMT2102 is an introductory course for international business majors. GPA Expert can provide professional ghostwriting services, and can protect your privacy 24/7, to ensure the originality of the work, welcome to contact us!





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