MGMT3701 Regulating Work and Employment Law introduction – writing, discussion, participation, sample

MGMT3701 Regulating Work and Employment Law is a specialized course in Human Resources Management at UNSW. It focuses on the regulation of employment relations and the field of labor law, so it is a cross course between management and law. Students can study employment relations and related laws and regulations through the study of the course. This lays the foundation for becoming a qualified manager.

The assessment of MGMT3701 is divided into 3 assignments.

Assignment 1 is an Article summary. It requires students to read an assigned passage and make a summary. It requires a presentation in an online activity class, which is limited to five minutes per student. In the process of presentation, students can use PPT auxiliary tools for presentation, but the number of PPT pages should not exceed 5 pages. This task is worth 30% of the total score and is not very difficult to complete. Want more details? Contact GPA Expert customer service to obtain.

Assignment 2 is the weekly discussion section participation assessment. This task requires students to prepare the relevant course materials for the weekly discussion class in advance and complete the related tasks according to the performance of the students in the discussion class. This task is worth 20% of the total value. It is not difficult to score on this task as long as you ensure participation in the class and actively participate in the discussion section.

Assignment 3 is SAQs. This task is a short answer task. Assignment 3 will give you five short answer questions, each of which should be no more than 450 words long. This task is worth 50 percent of the total value, so each question is worth an average of 10 percent. One thing to note is that this task provides a fixed cover. Students need to download the cover sheet and fill in the relevant information to submit. For more information, please consult GPA Expert customer service.

The MGMT3701 is of average difficulty. If you need an online video presentation or PPT guidance, you can contact GPA Expert customer service, and we will help you complete it in time. You can also ask us to help you solve the short answer questions task, and we will provide professional services.





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