ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2 introduction – online quiz, case analysis, final exam, writing

ACCT3583 Management Accounting 2 is a required course for the accounting major of UNSW. It mainly explores the relationship between management accounting and strategic issues. A reasonable organizational strategy will enhance the business competitiveness of enterprises, form a unique value orientation and balance the relationship between stakeholders.

There are three assignments for ACCT3583.

Assignment 1 online testing. Assignment 1 is divided into two online tests. These two tests accounted for 15% of the total value. The tests were given in Seminar 5 and Seminar 9 respectively. Each test has a 20-minute answer period. The test content covers the theoretical knowledge learned from week1-4 and week5-8. The test consisted mainly of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.

Assignment 2 is the group case project design. Each team consists of 4-6 people. The main purpose of Assignment 2 is to develop students' ability to communicate and cooperate in a team. Seminar2 will complete group tasks before class begins. If students do not join the group within the time limit, they have to complete the task alone, which is not only a heavy workload, but also may be marked down in the grading. Therefore, it is suggested to contact team members well in advance. If you need help or guidance, you can directly contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 is the final exam. It requires students to complete it during the exam week, which is accounted for 55 percent of the total score. Students are advised to review the relevant theoretical knowledge before the exam. Please contact GPA Expert for assistance. We provide real-time tracking service of the exam, and the course package service will also provide high score service and guarantee service.

ACCT3583 mainly describes the strategic issues of management accounting. It is a macroscopic course in accounting. You can contact GPA Expert at any time if you have any questions in your study. We provide package service and final guaranteed service to ensure that you can easily obtain credits.





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