MGMT3101 International Business Strategy intruduction - sample,case study, report, quiz

MGMT3101 International Business Strategy is a professional course in international business. It mainly introduces the theory and criterion of international business strategy at present. Through the study of international business strategy, students can develop the ability of international business research.

There are four assignments for MGMT3101.

The Assignment 1 Simulation. Assignment 1 accounts for 35% of the total value and is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 is Group performance (10%), Part 2 is Group presentation (20%), Part 3 is Peer evaluation (5%). The completion period of these three parts is between week 5 and week 9. For more detailed information, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 2 is a Weekly tutorial participation. There are two parts to this task. Class participation is worth 10% of the total grade; The Discussion forum section is worth 10% of the total rating. This Assignment is an easy one to score because it mainly measures students' participation in class.

Assignment 3 is 3 quizzes. They were arranged in class. The main type of quiz is multiple choice and the main test content is the current theoretical knowledge. GPA Expert can provide years of test questions as a reference, welcome to consult.

Assignment 4 is a case study report. This task is weighting 30%. And the word limit of it is 2,200 words. Its submission deadline is on 25th, November. It is recommended that students write their research reports well in advance to buy time for later polishing. Want to know more about it? Please contact GPA Expert customer service center.

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